How much data needed to cast Amazon Prime movie from Android phone to TV ? How To Reduce Amazon Prime Data Usage

     How much data is consumed while watching movies and TV series on Amazon Prime Video?

    The “Best” setting uses up to 5.8GB of data per hour, “Better” lands at 1.8GB over 60 minutes, while “Good” consume 0.6GB—something to consider for those with only 2GB of data per month.

    You can watch Amazon Video titles using your mobile device’s Wi-Fi connection or your mobile data network.

    Whenever you’re using mobile data, notifications typically display on-screen for a few seconds during video playback.

    Note: When watching Amazon Video on a mobile network, keep in mind that the amount of data you use may affect the bill you receive from your mobile carrier.

    To manage your mobile data usage:

    For iOS Devices

    1. Launch the Amazon Video app and tap Settings from the menu.
    2. Select Streaming & Downloading.
    3. Choose your preferred video quality for streaming and/or downloading video.
    4. Select the Wi-Fi Only option to only stream or download video when your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

    For Android Devices

    1. Launch the Amazon Video app and tap Menu .
    2. Tap Settings and select Download & Streaming.
    3. Choose your preferred video quality for streaming and/or downloading video.
    4. Select the Wi-Fi Only option to only stream or download video when your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

    Note: The descriptions next to each video quality indicate the amount of data typically used for an hour of streaming, or the quality of the video download.

    How much data needed to cast Amazon Prime movie from Android phone to TV?

    When we limit AMAZON PRIME VIDEO to it’s lowest quality setting (.6GB hour) it still has a way to overide this setting on my ROKU and my VIZIO smart TV. I typically end up seeing an average of 4GB’s an hour being sucked out of my monthly data plan. I would not recommend AMAZON PRIME VIDEO to anybody.

    On a typical days usage, my family might use 12–20 GB’s of data. But on days when AMAZON PRIME VIDEO has been running it always jumps up to the 40GB range per day. Not good when we are only budgeted to 30GB’s daily to stay under the monthly data cap of 1024GB’s

    Comparing to Netflix and Hotstar, Amazon prime only takes less amount of bandwidth for streaming. I didn’t actually calculated it and I don’t think the statistics Amazon specified in their website is true. But it is quite efficient.

    There is an option available to specify your streaming quality in Settings page on the app. You can give highest available on free internet or wifi places and give good or low quality on your limited bandwidth areas.

    How much data is consumed in average to stream full HD content on a TV for a month?

    I don’t know about a month but if you stream contents from the prime video, in full HD, it will take 6.5GB per hour.

    In Netflix, it will take 7GB per hour if you stream in ultra HD.

    Hotstar consumes 1GB per hour.

    So it depends on how many hours you stream on TV to tell you exactly how much data is required.

    I watch netflix, amazon prime, hotstar everyday for 1 hr each = 3 hours per day so it consumes 15Gb per day at full hd.

    So you would be cost 15×30=450Gb per month.

    Remember i watch only for 3 hrs

    How much data is consumed in amazon prime vedio or movies ?

    That depends on what quality of video stream you chose to watch

    Compared to other streaming websites or apps amazon primevideo doesn’t provide an option to its viewers to select the video stream quality while watching video…it is always in auto quality mode

    Where as in mobile app we can select the quality of video during the offline download option available there.

    One can make a decision according to his resources like, whether using mobile data or WiFi facility..etc

    How To Reduce Amazon Prime Data Usage

    If you’ve been watching a lot of Amazon Prime lately, then you may have noticed your data usage sky rocketing after each session. With so many shows releasing on Amazon Prime each week and the library of available shows growing larger, it’s hard to resist watching them all and simultaneously staying under your data usage limit for your plan at times. Luckily at IPSTAR Broadband, we know the steps customers can take for how to reduce Amazon Prime data usage.

    Reducing data on Amazon Prime essentially comes down to lowering your video quality settings whilst streaming or instead, changing the download quality of the videos you are downloading.

    Another good option is to download your programming during the off-peak times and watching them once downloaded during peak times instead of streaming during those hours.

    How to reduce Amazon Prime Usage when streaming

    On mobiles and on computers, the way to reduce data on these types of devices varies slightly.

    How to reduce Amazon Prime usage when streaming on a mobile

    On mobile devices it’s best to always stream when connected to your home’s Wi-Fi. If you do choose to stream without being connected to your home’s Wi-Fi then you run the risk of eating into your phone’s data usage cap quite quickly, especially if the video quality is on any high level. Take a look at step 6 below under “Reducing data on mobile devices” for how to make sure you don’t use your phone’s data.

    But some homes with small data caps might find it a good idea to change their video quality settings even when connected to Wi-Fi as the data usage on Amazon Prime can be quite high, especially on the higher quality settings.

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