How to find out if your mobile phone is controlled by other phone? How do I find out who was controlling my phone?


    How do I find out who was controlling my phone?

    Your data connection would be on standby while you are connected to a wifi.
    It is possible to install apps on your phone using play store even if you don’t have your phone with you. Just access to Playstore web page, login into Gmail, Select an app, and click install. It would automatically be install onto your phone as soon as you connect your phone to internet.
    and regarding change of language, well there might be chances of miss handling of your phone in your pocket.
    But it could happen that someone might have asked you to install some apps off the play store(play store always checks for suspected codes) that may have some backdoors installed providing access to the programmer who planed that.
    unfortunately there is no way to check the history,
    But if you have your phone with unlocked bootloader, you can flash custom kernel with firewall security and monitor apps.
    Android phones are for collecting and harvesting your personal data from search and application usage.
    Did you not give your data to Google on time?
    They were probably just looking for that.

    How can I stop my phone from being accessed remotely?

    This is really easy to do:

    Just don’t have any sketchy apps or apk apps on your phone. Turn your location off when you don’t need it, and use a VPN when browsing on public networks. If someone is already into your phone, you should try turning it off or doing a full factory rest. (keep in mind that this will erase all the data)

    Additionally, if the phone is being prevented from shut-down, try removing the battery to force the phone to turn off. Most newer phones don’t have a back panel, so this may not be possible on your phone.


    Can my phone be hacked and controlled remotely?

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    And now to the first question – why we do this

    How to find out if your mobile phone is controlled by other phone?

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    How do I find out who was controlling my phone?

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    How can I tell if someone is monitoring my phone?

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    How can I stop my phone from being accessed remotely?

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