Anna Mani: Not only in India but also in the UN, 'India's weather woman' played an important role, know who is Anna Mani..

Today is the 140th birth commemoration of Indian physicist and meteorologist Anna Mani, to stamp it Google has made an extraordinary doodle .

Anna Mani assumed a significant part in the field of meteorological instrumentation.

Mani added to the plan of climate perception instruments that assume a significant part in estimating and assessing the climate parts of the country.

Tell us who is Anna Mani and what was his commitment to the Meteorological Department of India.

Known as the 'climate woman of India', Anna was brought into the world in 1918 to a Syrian Christian family in Kerala. She needed to turn into an artist since youth, however for the family, she joined material science.

He made numerous significant commitments in the field of material science and meteorology.

His examination made it feasible for India to make precise weather conditions figures and laid the foundation for the country to utilize environmentally friendly power.

He likewise worked under CV Raman, a physicist and teacher exploring the optical properties of rubies and precious stones.

Anna did her B.Sc in Physics and Chemistry from P Pachaiappa College in 1939 and went to Imperial College, London in 1945 for additional examinations.