Watch: First look of African Cheetahs revealed that will be brought to India

Cheetahs, the world's quickest vertebrates, are set to be once again introduced to India.

The cheetah is the main enormous carnivore that got totally cleared out from India, mostly because of over-hunting and natural surroundings misfortune.

The nation's last seen cheetah passed on in Sal timberlands of Chhattisgarh's Koriya area in 1948 and the wild creature was announced terminated in the country in 1952.

The Cheetahs will be brought from Namibia to India on 17 September. The cheetah will be gotten a unique freight flight

Boeing - 747 and will land in Gwalior. They will be then brought to Kuno Public Park in a helicopter.

While addressing news organization ANI, SP Yadav, Venture Cheetah boss, said, "Cheetahs coming from Namibia

Will currently land in Gwalior, prior it should land in Jaipur on September 17 then from a helicopter from Gwalior brought to KUNO Public Park Sheopur."

He further added, "We are bringing cheetahs by an extraordinary contracted freight plane Boeing - 747.

This is a greater plane and will come straightforwardly to India without refueling and to that end we chose this airplane.