Ghulam Nabi Azad quits Congress party, resigns from all party post

Guwahati: In a huge mishap for the Congress party, veteran pioneer Ghulam Nabi Azad has left all positions, including essential enrollment of the party.

In his renunciation letter, Azad said that the Congress party has lost both the will and capacity under the tutelage of the clique

All India Congress Committee to "battle for common decency for India".

Reviewing his nearby private relationship with the Gandhi family, Azad said that he has incredible individual respect for interval president Sonia Gandhi's singular hardships that "would constantly proceed".

He further said that he and a portion of his partners would now "continue on" to "sustain the standards" for which they committed

whole grown-up lives outside the conventional overlap of the Congress party.

To review, Azad, an individual from the gathering of 23 pioneers who looked for fundamental changes in the Congress party,

ventured during some time back as director of the mission board in Jammu and Kashmir.

Answering Azad's leave, the BJP said that the Congress party is a sinking transport with no initiative or philosophy.