A Proclamation on National Voter Registration Day, 2022

The option to cast a ballot is the groundwork of our majority rule government — it characterizes us as Americans and fills in as the foundation of our freedom.

With it, the sky is the limit in America; without it, nothing is. It is a heritage passed somewhere near our most prominent pioneers — a heritage which furnishes every last one of us with a voice in the formation of a superior Country.

It is the wellspring of our power as residents, our mightiest apparatus of social change, and the settling custom that gives authenticity to our arrangement of Government.

Every year on Public Citizen Enrollment Day, we reaffirm our conviction that majority rules system possibly works when everybody can partake, and we urge all qualified Americans to enlist to cast a ballot.

Our Country has not generally satisfied its commitment of equivalent admittance to one side to cast a ballot, thus numerous Americans have battled, endured,

From Seneca Falls, New York, to Selma, Alabama, to Washington, D.C. — and across America — normal individuals have coordinated to fight disappointment and won.

The endeavors of these brave ladies and men have prompted the section of milestone social liberties regulation like the Democratic Privileges Act, the Public Elector Enlistment Act,

And the Assist America With casting a ballot Act, which stretched out the endowments of a majority rule government to a great many residents.

Recently, be that as it may, those insurances have been debilitated by choices of the High Court of the US. Presently,