Not a Birthday Special: Michael Jackson and the many sexual abuse allegation

The King of Pop would have turned 64 today assuming he was alive. While his heritage in music and dance is unquestionable,

Michael Jackson was in every case a seriously foreboding character.  Trigger Warning: Mentions of kid sexual maltreatment.

A kid wonder beginning with his siblings, youthful Michael achieved early standard achievement yet it came at the expense

extraordinary mental tormenting and actual beating from his harasser of a dad, Joe Jackson.

MJ's fans concur that his timidity as a grown-up could have been a result of his disturbed youth.

The 'Moonwalker' overflowed with extreme energy in front of an audience however when he wasn't performing, Jackson was to be sure very tame and amiable.

Like any significant superstar, keeping away from paparazzi was a common issue for Jackson

Toss in his capricious shenanigans in with the general mish-mash and the paps would have a field day following him.

From having a sketchy decision of underage 'companions' to changing his skin tone, Michael Jackson was (and is still) obviously the ideal