Today's date is a lot of historical days, know what is the history of September 1 and why it is special today

History: Although consistently and each date has some set of experiences in itself, yet we don't figure out them exhaustively. 

Today, the primary day of September is likewise exceptional in numerous ways. Know the verifiable things of September 1

01 September Historical Events: The page of the schedule has turned, the month has changed, the date has changed and the day has additionally changed.

Today is the first of September. Albeit various days are extraordinary for a man in view of their minutes and paramount things of life,

yet in the pages of history, exceptional days are not settled by decision and second but rather by its significance and consistently is a day in itself. History is covered.

Today we will discuss first of September. Today we will know which things of Etilah are connected from first September.

Disaster protection Corporation of India (LIC) is such a name that pretty much every house in the nation will be recognizable and pretty much every house has its strategy finished by somebody or the other.

Extra security Corporation of India was laid out on first September 1956, 9 years after freedom, with the powerful slogan of 'Zindagi Saath Bhi, Zindagi Baad Bhi'.

Some other historical things that happened on September 01 – 1858: The last meeting of the directors of the East India Company was held on 1 September at the East India House in London.