What I Realized During the Lockdown Period and How it affected my Way of Life.

TOPIC : What I Realized During the Lockdown Period and How it affected my Way of Life .

How the lockdown has affected my life?

RAM the never-seen-before crisis, kids and their parents are adapting to the new norm of virtual
education as schools remain shut.The Tribune asked its student readers to express how they have been
dealing with the pandemic situation. Here is what they say .
‘Miss playing sports but happy to be with family’
The global Covid-19 pandemic unexpectedly entered our lives and put everything to a halt. It affected
the lives of people around the world bringing a flood of tension and worries followed by negative
thoughts and piles of boredom. But I took it as a challenge to handle this situation with determination
and positivity thereby taking advantage of the lockdown. My parents motivated me to complete this
The lockdown has affected my life quite disturbingly. My first priority, Taekwondo Federation of
India National-Level Championship, scheduled in March got postponed. I desperately wanted to win a
national gold medal in taekwondo for the second time. Another high valued South Asian Cup Martial
Arts Championship in Nepal that was due in Feb-March 2020 also got delayed. I was really looking
forward to more tournaments in 2020. But my coaches have not let my fitness get off the track as I am
enjoying virtual classes.
On the other hand, I also had the best experience of my life by participating in online classes, wherein
I also got to clarify my doubts. I learned a new way to give exams online but also I miss talking to and
playing with my friends. My birthday falls in March so I was planning to have a huge celebration at
my grandparent's house and enjoy a long holiday before the next session. But who knew that this
would not become a reality due to Covid-19. All elders have assured me of a grand party after the
pandemic situation gets over.
I often miss visiting a local temple and other such holy places. I learnt to maintain proper cleaning and
hygiene and also urged everyone to follow the same. In this situation I, along with my family, tried
our best to follow the guidelines issued by the government thus taking full precautionary measures.
The best outcome of this situation has been that the virus has made us aware of valuing food, water,
fruits and other essential items along with benefits of yoga and exercises followed by intake of herbs
and healthy food. It has also taught us the importance of spending times with one's family and
exploring ourselves. I am happy to get some more time to follow my hobby of reading books and to
learn new things like Vedic maths along with co-curricular activities via online platforms. I pray toGod that soon the day comes when we get the news that there are no more any coronavirus cases in
the world.
Homebound yet connected with everyone

We all know that the Covid pandemic is a global crisis and everybody is struggling with health as
well as financial issues. We students are also stuck at home and cannot go anywhere. But still we are
connected with our teachers and classmates through online classes.
The good thing is that now there is no tension to wake up early in the morning and we can ne up late
at night. I spend maximum time with my mom as she always encourages me to do new things. I also
spend time in painting, dancing, cycling and playing games. But I also miss my school days too. I’M
eagerly waiting to meet my friends and teachers after this lockdown is over. I pray to God that
everything becomes normal like before the Covid epidemic happened.
Can’t wait till school reopens’
Due to Covid19 not only mine but lives of all have been affected. Everyone has come under
lockdown. Before this, kids used to get up early, wear school uniform and go to school. Teachers
taught lessons in classrooms. But now, online classes have set a new educational trend. We are
attending classes from homes on our mobiles and laptops. Teachers making extra efforts to teach in
this situation. However, the real fun of studying is in classrooms, sitting with all classmates. Now, I
miss my school a lot.
However, right now all we can do is pray to God that with its blessings we again get to enjoy these
memorable times. COVID-19 has brought about an immense change in our personal hygiene habits
also. So now we have to change our habits and lifestyle to beat the effects of the coronavirus.

Lessons from a pandemic: My learnings during the lockdown .

We’ve read enough about how tough life has been due to COVID-19, but what positives can
we take from the pandemic and what has the lockdown taught me? Pouring my heart out
As the pandemic caused unprecedented havoc and emotional turmoil, it changed our lives
like never before. I found myself struggling to balance my personal and professional
commitments. For me, the extended lockdown resulted in sleepless nights and additional
responsibilities, as these became my “new normal”.
I decided that I won’t let all this impact my emotional and mental well-being, and made some
lifestyle changes. In doing so, I picked some lockdown-friendly activities, which have now
become my mantras for a healthy and peaceful life.


Find happiness in the simple things of life
Recently, my family was craving for Gulab Jamuns. My reluctance to order food during such times compelled me to surf for the best Gulab Jamun recipes. The savories turned out well, and I learned something new too. Who knew that if you don’t have cottage cheese or dry milk, you can use bread instead?! After preparing and enjoying them with the family, I
realized the importance of the simple pleasures of life.
How to cherish the simple things
 Ditch the fancy, simple is the new black
 Spend time with loved ones
 Take pleasure in the things around you
Make health a priority
Our sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits always needed improvement. We
adopted some basic changes like avoiding frozen snacks and reducing our carbohydrate-
intake. One simple step, and my family has a much healthier lifestyle now.
You can also involve your family in household chores like mopping, washing clothes, and
cleaning utensils. While you are at it, put on some of your favorite songs and challenge your little ones for a dance-off. Have fun with family, while also ensuring a workout and getting things done.

What you can do to stay fit when indoors
 Try laughing out loud to de-stress
 Pick easy exercises like skipping and on-the-spot jogging
 Practice meditation
 Eat healthy
Be a minimalist
Within a few days of the lockdown, I realized how much space my non-essentials were
occupying. This made me re-evaluate our procurements and be minimalistic. Being a
minimalist means making the best choices for only what is essential. The choices can reflect in the food you eat, the clothes you wear, the transport you use, etc.
Ask yourself: "Is it useful?" or "Do I really have to have it?" If the answer or rationale is in favor, it stays. With every ‘no’, you will find it easier to become a minimalist.
How you can be a minimalist
 Be clear about what you want
 Pen some non-negotiable rules for yourself and abide by them
 Shun things that you can avoid
Make good use of online connect
During college, an argument with a friend had led to a cold war between us. I recently came
to know that she had not been keeping well. Given how things are these days, I called her
instantly and within a few minutes, we were friends again!
This is the best time to reconnect with long-lost friends and clear any misgivings. Apologize with all your heart and rejoice on the second chance. Even if there is no reconciliation, you can move on better, with the knowledge that you did the right thing.
How to win a friend back?
 Stay connected with your friends
 Apologies are easy and rewarding. If you think you should, you can!
 Be a good listener
 Be receptive to new ideas
Family always comes first 
Before the lockdown, all of us were struggling to strike a balance. Extra hours at work, tiring commutes, and additional responsibilities made us ignore the little things in life. Now that we have time, we should cherish these moments and ensure that we do not go back to the previous normal.
Here are some recommendations from what I did:
 Plan your schedule with your partner and take turns to manage household chores
 Make a timetable that covers every major activity, and follow it sincerely
 For important meetings, pick a distraction-free space to work comfortably
 Take periodic breaks to interact with family members
Do things that make you happy!
Growing up with multiple responsibilities, I missed out on some hobbies. During the
lockdown, I regained my love for cooking as I experimented with various cuisines. Sunday
has become the synonym for my family’s time to cook and try something different. I love
cooking something new for my family. Even my kids eagerly await their evenings now, as I
have entrusted them to help me prep up the dish of the day.
I have also found a way of connecting with like-minded folks in the virtual world. My husband clicks the pictures of my experimental dishes and posts them on Instagram. To our surprise, we have got some new followers on the account too. This has worked wonders in beating the lockdown stress. It motivates me further to try something even more exciting each day.

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