What is Fino Payments bank? How to open an Zero-Balance Account in Fino Bank

In today’s post, we are going to talk about Fino Payments bank Kya Hai, how to make payment from Fino Payments Bank, how to open an account in Fino Payment Bank zero balance account opening online Fino Payments Bank where is the bank, with what new features This bank is ready to spread its foot in the digital world. All the information related to Fino Payment Bank will be given to you through this post.

Fino Payment Bank is an institution that has worked for the last 10 years to fulfill the banking needs of the country. Fino Payment Bank is all set to establish a new dominance in the modern digital world. But most of the people will not know about Fino Payment Bank Kya Hai. Fino Payment Bank also provides many facilities like online transaction, online shopping etc., about which we will know in detail below.

Fino Payments Bank क्या है (What is Fino Payment Bank)

As far as knowing or not knowing about this bank is concerned, then if you live in a village then it is very difficult that you know about this bank and if you live in the city, then for your information, tell that Fino Bank started as a microfinance company. In the early days, this company used to provide its service in the form of DSA for many banks.

Fino Payment Bank had a tie-up with ICICI Bank in its initial days. Where it used to open accounts for ICICI Bank. Fino Payment Bank got the license on 30 June 2017 then it came to be known as Fino Payment Bank or you can say that it got the status of Fino Payment Bank on 30 June 2017. Like any other bank, this bank is also there in it there are some limitations from RBI.

Talking about the facility of this bank, like other banks, this bank also provides all the facilities like savings account, current account RD and FD. For your information, let us tell you that Fino Payments has so far opened 25000 banking points in 410 branches in 14 states. Fino Payment Bank has also started the work of opening their bank accounts in association with many finance companies.

Fino Payment Bank Bank is still working with ICICI Bank. This bank is working as DCA of ICICI Bank. Generally, it performs functions such as providing account and financial services and providing gold loans. If seen, in today’s time accounts of this bank are open in every village. It also provides ATM facility which has a SIM-like micro chip attached to it.

Full Form of Fino Bank

The full form of FINO Bank is Financial Inclusion Network And Operations. Before getting the license from RBI, this bank was called Fino Pay Tech Ltd. was known as.

Who is the founder of Fino Payment Bank?

If we talk about the founder of Fino Payment Bank, then the founder of Fino Payment Bank Mr. Rishi Gupta is Mr. Rishi Gupta started this bank in the year 2006 under the name Fino Pay Tech. Mr. Rishi Gupta also serves as the CEO of Fino Payment Bank. He took this post on 23 February 2015.

Fino Payments Bank किस देश का बैंक है ?  | ( Fino Payment Bank is the bank of which country? )

Before opening an account in any bank, everyone wants to know well about that bank, such as which country is that bank from? Where is its headquarters, whether the bank has good service or not, whether our money will be safe in it, etc. information is to be known.

Fino Payment Bank is a reliable bank, this bank is from India only. The purpose of this bank is to open its branches in those village towns where there is no bank facility of any kind.

Fino Payment Bank का headquarter नोएडा में है।

Fino Payments Bank Customer Care Number  And Registered office Address 

ustumer Care Number   –   02268681414 (9 am to 7 pm)

To open a bank account or to avail other services  SMS ‘FPB’ or give a Missed call on 7836878368

Email – customercare@finobank.com

FINO payments bank Nodal Officer Email: nodalofficer@finobank.com

Registered Office Address:

Mindspace Juinagar, Plot No Gen 2/1/F,
Tower 1, 8th Floor, TTC Industrial Area,
MIDC Shirwane, Juinagar,
Navi Mumbai – 400 706

Telephone No:  +91 -022-7104 7000

For media enquiries write to media@finobank.com

To report fraud, write us to reportfraud@finobank.com

How to open account in Fino Payments Bank  Fino Payments Bank में Account कैसे खोलें 

If you want to open an account in Fino Payment Bank, then you must have some necessary eligibility as asked by the bank, only then you can open an account in Fino Payment Bank otherwise you cannot open an account in Fino Payment Bank. The required eligibility is given below.

To open an account in Fino Payment Bank, you must be at least 18 years of age.

You must be a citizen of India to open an account in Fino Payment Bank.

To open an account in Fino Payment Bank, it is mandatory to have Aadhar card and PAN card, 4 passport size photographs should also be there.

How to Open Online Account in FINO Payments Bank (FINO Payments Bank में Online Account कैसे खोले)

To open an online account in Fino Bank, first of all visit the FINO Payment Bank Official Website https://www.finobank.com/.

After that go to Apply Now, go to the type of account you want to open between Saving Account and Current Account, after that submit the form after filling all your details.

Fino Payments Bank  में अकाउंट के प्रकार  ( Account Types in Fino Payment Bank ) 

For your information, let us tell you that 5 types of accounts are opened in Fino Payment Bank.

 1- PMJDY Small Account 

2- Saral Salary Account 

3- PMJDY Account 

4- Sanchay Saving Account 

5- Pratham Saving Account 

FINO payments bank IFSC Code List

To know the IFSC of Fino Payment Bank, you can see the complete IFSC List by clicking on the given link, note down the IFSC Code of the city you want.

FINO Bank IFSC Code List

Fino Payment Bank is government or private ?

Fino Payment Bank is a private bank.



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