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Network Switch Kya Hai In Hindi: Welcome to another new article of TechyCatch in which we will know what is Switch. Almost all of you have heard the name of the switch and must have seen it, but do you know what type of networking device a switch is, how a switch works, how many types of switches are there, features of the switch, advantages of the switch. What is the difference between a switch and a hub.

If you do not know much about Switch and you are interested to know about Switch then this article can help you. In this article you will get to know a lot about the switch and also after reading this article you will also clear many doubts.

So without wasting time let’s start this article and know what is a switch in detail – what is a network switch.

What is Network Switch

Switch is a network device with the help of which multiple computers or network devices can be connected in a network so that they can transfer data. A switch is similar to a hub but it is more intelligent than a hub.

The network switch examines the incoming data packet, what is the source of the data and where it is to be sent, then accordingly sends the data to the correct path.

With the help of switch, we can send any private message in the network in a secure way. The switch identifies which device is connected to which port through the MAC address, through which the switch delivers the message to the particular destination. Switches are used well to make small networks such as LANs. Switch is also called Bridging Hub.

How does Switch work?

The main function of the switch is to receive and forward data from the devices connected to the network. Switch uses MAC address to transfer data.

When a computer connected to the network sends some information or data to a particular computer, it sends the information along with the MAC address of the computer where the data is to be sent. The MAC address of all the devices connected to the network is stored near the switch.

When the information and MAC address reaches the switch, the switch checks the MAC address and accordingly sends the data to the same computer where it is to be sent. Through the switch, we can send data securely across the network.

But when the switch is activated for the first time, there is no MAC address stored in the switch, so the first time the data is sent, the switch does not know who to send the data to and who is not, so the first Bar switch configures the data to all

Type of Switch
There are many types of switches which can be broadly divided into four parts –

1 – Unmanaged Switch

Unmanaged switches are commonly used in home networks and small businesses. These can be installed by simply plugging in the network, after which they start working immediately.

When more devices need to be added to the network, more switches are added through the Plug and Play method. Unmanaged Switch does not need to be configured or monitored. These switches are cheap.

2 – Managed Switch

Managed Switch is used in organizations with large and complex networks. This type of switch has a high level of security, precise control and the ability to fully manage the network.

Managed Switch can be customized to increase the efficiency of the network. Although these switches are expensive but due to their scalability and flexibility, managed switches are the first choice in growing organizations.

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is used to configure the manage switch.

3 – LAN Switch (Local Area Network Switch)

LAN switches are used in organizations to connect devices to internal LANs. These are also known as Ethernet switches or data switches. These switches are especially helpful in reducing network traffic. LAN switches allocate bandwidth in such a way that there is no overlapping of data packets in the network.

4 – PoE Switch (Power over Ethernet Switch)

The full name of PoE Switch is Power Over Ethernet Switch, it is used in PoE technology. PoE technology combines data and power transmission over a single cable so that connected devices can receive both power and data on the same line. PoE switches provide greater flexibility and simplify cable connections

Features of Switch

Following are the salient features of the switch –

  • A switch works in layer 2, that is, the switch works in the data link layer of the OSI model.
  • The switch sends the data packet to the destination port selected by the MAC address.
  • Switch is an active device with network software and network management capabilities.
  • The switch can check for errors before transferring data to the destination port.
  • A switch has a maximum of 24 to 48 ports.
  • The switch uses packet switching technology to receive and forward data packets from the source to the destination device.
  • A switch is an intelligent network device.
  • The transmission mode of the switch is Full Duplex.

Advantages of Switch

  • The advantages of the switch are given below –
  • Switch is an auxiliary device to increase the performance of the network.
  • Switches increase the bandwidth of the network.
  • Switch is an intelligent device as compared to hub.
  • The switch uses the MAC address to transfer the data packet so that the data reaches the selected destination port.
  • The switch can be connected directly with the workstation.
  • With the help of switch, the workload of Individual Host PC can be reduced.

Disadvantage of Switch
There are also some disadvantages of switches such as –

  • Network connectivity issues are difficult to mist through network switches.
  • The switch requires proper design and configuration to handle multicast packets.
  • There is a safety hazard when the switch is in Promiscuous Mode.
  • Switches are expensive as compared to bridges.
Switch (स्विच)Hub (हब)
स्विच OSI मॉडल की डेटा लिंक लेयर में काम करती है.एक हब OSI मॉडल की Physical Layer पर कार्य करता है
स्विच में, ट्रांसमिशन मोड फुल-डुप्लेक्स हैहब में ट्रांसमिशन मोड हाफ-डुप्लेक्स है
स्विच एक Active Device है.हब एक Passive Device है.
स्विच MAC एड्रेस को स्टोर कर सकता है और उसी के अनुसार Selected Destination Port तक डेटा पैकेट को ट्रान्सफर करता है.हब MAC एड्रेस को स्टोर करने में सक्षम नहीं है.
स्विच एक Intelligent डिवाइस है.हब Intelligent डिवाइस नहीं होती है.
स्विच की स्पीड 10/100 Mbps, 1 Gbps, And 10 Gbps होती है.हब नेटवर्क की स्पीड 10 MB प्रति सेकेंड तक होती है
स्विच फ्रेम और पैकेट का उपयोग करता है.हब Electrical Signal Orbits का इस्तेमाल करता है.

Switch And Hub In Hindi

Switch timing question\

What is switch?

A switch is a networking device used to connect devices to a network. The main function of the switch is to transfer data from one device connected to another in the network.

Why are switches called intelligent devices?
Switch is called intelligent device because it uses MAC address to transfer the data so that it transfers the data packet to the selected destination port.

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