What is the TIFR Exam and how to prepare for it?


What is the TIFR Exam and how to prepare for it?

The TIFR exam, or Tata Institute of Fundamental Research exam, is a competitive examination conducted by the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research to select eligible candidates for various posts and short-term fellowships in Basic Science departments of the institute. The Tata Institute of Fundamental Research is an Indian public research institute and university with its headquarters in Mumbai. As an autonomous institution, it operates on grants obtained from the Department of Atomic Energy and the University Grants Commission.

About the TIFR exam

Every year, students who want to study at prestigious institutes such as Harvard, Stanford, Princeton etc., need to take a competitive exam. Such exams are required because they act as filters so that only people with top-notch knowledge can enter. These exams are especially important because once a person goes through all of those tough years of college and finally graduates with all those degrees in hand, they can’t just walk into these prestigious institutes overnight; they need an in through an exam. So, getting accepted into these institutions depends upon your score on various entrance tests (see below). So what exactly is the TIFR exam? Read further to find out…

Eligibility criteria

Candidates who have obtained a bachelor’s degree in any subject from a recognized university are eligible to apply. Candidates are required to appear for a test, which includes questions based on Physics, Mathematics and English. Each question carries equal marks (25). The minimum passing marks for candidates belonging to General category is set at 75% whereas candidates belonging to SC/ST/PWD categories need to secure 65%. Only students passing with a minimum of 60% will be called for interview. The last date of submission of applications is 31 July 2018.

How to Prepare for the TIFR exam?

The Tata Institute of Fundamental Research exam, popularly known as TIFR exam, is a written test conducted by Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) for recruiting candidates. The question paper has 3 sections – Quantitative Aptitude, English Language & Comprehension Skills and General Awareness. For those candidates who are appearing in TATA exam for the first time or do not have adequate amount of knowledge about their preparation should follow a comprehensive study plan. This will make sure that your candidates to score well in all sections of your examination.

TIFR exam career option

Every year, TIFR conducts a written exam for PhD scholarship holders in Physics. The exam is compulsory if you are going to continue at your current institution as a PhD scholar. If you are not going to continue your research under a professor from your home institute, then you do not need to take the TIFR exam. However, after completion of PhD, during that year itself or in one of two years prior or two years after completing PhD depending on their University guidelines; they must appear at TIFR examinations. This examination helps them gauge where they stand with respect to quality of their work and depth of understanding in research carried out during their PhD work at their home Institute or Departmental level.

Best books on TIFR syllabus

The Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) conducted its entrance exam in February 2017. I was preparing for JEE when I came across an advertisement about TIFR online. After learning about what they do, I decided to apply. The first paper they give you is a small test on Maths. You have time of 1hr 10 min to finish 50 questions that are multiple choice format. They ask basic concepts from Physics, Chemistry and English too. Having good basics helps a lot with speed solving them as you know where to start looking if u get stuck on one problem. So here are some books that helped me immensely with preparing for that 1. All Science MCQ by R S Agarwal-The best source for science (Physics, Chemistry). Gives you an approximate idea about how much material there is from which subject(matter like contents given in syllabus+content not mentioned which comes through practice). These question banks can be used alone or along with other materials and did really help in improving my score especially since most of these questions were related to previous years papers! It doesn’t matter whether you score good or bad just make sure that after finishing each chapter even if late nights making sure your getting above 80% because these chapters take 6 months minimum to cover! No other book gives complete model tests after every chapter!!! Definitely recommend.

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Sample test papers

Get familiar with what kind of questions you’ll face by reviewing sample test papers. This will allow you to get a sense of what kind of thinking, reasoning, number crunching, speed-reading, proof-writing and common sense that you’ll need during your exam. Sample question papers provide valuable insights into what kinds of answer formats may be expected from candidates. Keep in mind that while sample question papers come in handy when you want to know what format questions are asked or even are available in bulk on pdf forms across various websites (online), they might not reflect latest pattern changes made by exam conducting body. So make sure you practice past year’s question papers as well to get best idea of how new pattern works.

Conclusion – TIFR Exam kya hai

In today’s article what did you know about TIFR Exam and who was its founder? Apart from this, information has been given as to why TIFR has been in discussions recently.

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TIFR admission process

To get admission in Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, students have to go through two examinations –
Written exam
Oral test (interview).
Let us tell you, only the candidates who qualify in both the examinations are given admission in this institute.
Scholarship is provided to every candidate who gets admission in this institute. This scholarship is very good because of which it is
It proves to be very helpful for the candidates.

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research- Why was TIFR in the news?

Recently, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) has been in the news.
The main reason for which is the study done by the researchers here.
In this study, he has told about the role of glucose, in regulating the functions of the liver.

History of TIFR

Homi Jahangir Bhabha has made a special contribution in the development of the Indian nuclear energy program.
He wanted to establish a scientific research institute in India.
To fulfill this wish, he wrote a letter to Sir Dorabji Tata Trust in 1944 to help him financially for the establishment of Scientific Research Institute in India.

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